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"I loved the real ness of the characters.. Ms Stevens captured the true essence of what Black family secrets do to our strong family units. The totally different ways we fight, and still love one another. Because family is all that matters..I can't wait for books 2-4 and the movies...God is going to bless you my friend...I thank God for your imagination and determination..."
Amazon Customer


"I loved this book from start to finish! I would definitely recommend it to all avid readers. I actually could've read some more about the James Girls."
Shadonna Starkes-Clemons


"This book was so captivating! An exciting read, from cover to cover - I could NOT put it down. I was excited to unfold the characters as F. J. Stevens developed them throughout the pages. I cannot wait until the next book!"
Sydney Johnson


"This book was BEYOND amazing! It will leave you wanting more and I absolutely can't wait for part 2! You will becoming invested in all the characters, you will laugh, and some of the plot twists will have you heart broken. Most definitely a FANTASTIC read!!"


"Reading while riding the DC Metro. This is definitely a page turner. Stevens’ character development is on point. I was totally submersed in the lives of Brenda and Missy; the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the failures..I felt as though I knew these women personally."
Amazon Customer


"I really enjoyed this book! I was enticed with each chapter. Is there book 2 like omg i have to know what happens next!!"
Amazon Customer


"I need a Chucky in my life. #jamesgirls2"
Raay Monroe