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About F.J.

F.J. Stevens is a novelist, creative writer, a native Washingtonian with an immense love for her city and a wildly vivid imagination. Her stories play like a movie reel in your mind. Each one is written like a screenplay, with extensive dialogue intended to connect the reader more fully with the characters as they think, speak and feel their way through the roller coasters they call life.

Leveraging on her experiences, and the many interesting characters she's encountered growing up in the inner city of DC; endeavoring into the world of entertainment; navigating through the corporate world in a brown girl's skin and dating in this new modern era of social media where popularity is paramount and dumbing yourself down while turning up is the acceptable norm, F.J. has seen and experienced quite a bit in her day. So, you take a handful of those characters, a few of the more interesting experiences, sprinkle in some imagination, and you've got a recipe for some seriously entertaining material.

FJ was an avid reader as a child, very imaginative and inventive. She wrote stories from the memories of her dreams. She created songs from the melodies she carried with her long after the soul records on her father's old wooden turntable stopped spinning. At night she snuck out onto the balcony of her northwest DC apartment home and sang her little heart out while her parents listened in secret from the bedroom window, beaming with pride.

Notoriously shy, she didn't muster the courage for a real audience until a high school talent showcase, where a creative arrangement of the intro to En Vogue's Hold On? brought a rowdy teenage crowd to its feet. That night the thunder of applause peeled away a few layers of shyness and she went on to share her gift, singing for hire with local DC bands and at special events.

After a few years trying to break into the business, motherhood pulled her further away from the stage and eventually into corporate America full time where she worked for nearly two decades to take care of her family. During those years she still sang a little, wrote a little, and dreamed a LOT, but she was never quite able to make the time to get back to doing the things she loved most. Then one morning things abruptly changed.

On February 15, 2012, a date that is forever etched into her memory, The New Beginning, a corporate merger and a fairly generous severance package brought her back home to her sofa where she was finally able to exhale, put up her feet for a while and (among many other wonderfully creative things) pen her first novel, James Girls.

Today F. J. wears many hats including that of a doting mother to a beautiful son on the autism spectrum, a dedicated mentor to at risk youth in her city, a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

As for her creative works, she is currently working on the third book in the James Girls series, "Into the Light", a stage play "She Don't Dance" and a three series collection of novellas on the young James.

Stay tuned for much more from FJ as she continues to explore her creative passions in hopes of keeping you entertained.