James Girls 2

This second installment in the James Girls series picks up two years later. In the aftermath. Brenda has wed her attorney and settled into a lavish new life in suburbia that raises many brows and ultimately brings her past full circle.

Missy is confronted with yet another astonishing secret from Rays last days that will not only leave her in financial ruin but it will set off a chain of events that rocks the entire James family to its core.

As secrets are revealed and hidden agendas unveiled, Aunt Pat is once again forced to put on her suit of armor and set out on a mission to save the James Girls from themselves.

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James Girls

James Girls is a smart and stylish urban drama penned by up and coming authoress F.J. Stevens. It's the first of a series of stories chronicling the life and times of a family of strong, assertive and powerful, yet morally challenged women. Set in the gritty inner city and the posh suburbs of Washington, DC, it's a tale of two sisters who have chosen very different paths to prosperity. The story takes many exciting twists, dramatic turns and downright disturbing detours down those paths. There's glitz and glamour, love and betrayal, murder and mayhem. James Girls is a thrill ride you won't want to end. Buckle up and enjoy!

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